Recent Initiatives

Safety and Security Task Force

Designed to identify areas of vulnerability concerning student personal safety and security on campus (24/7) and develop response measures aimed at preventing threats to that safety and security, this task force is creating a long-term plan of action aimed at addressing campus' needs.

UFHR's Strategic Commitment

During the summer and fall of 2016, UFHR reached out to colleges and units throughout the university to conduct an intake of UF's needs and priorities as they relate to achieving preeminence through people.  Out of this work, the office identified four guiding principles to direct its efforts in the months and years to come — Drive Results; Promote Inclusiveness; Be Agile, Forward-Thinking and Bold; and Model Excellence.

UFIT's Strategic Plan

A year in the making, the University of Florida’s 2015-2020 Strategic Goals for IT was developed after extensive engagement with campus stakeholder groups. Efforts included interviews and meetings with academic, administrative and student leaders; retreats with both IT and non-IT leadership throughout the university; comparisons with peer institutions; focus groups; surveys; and an analysis of trends in industry and education.