Safety and Security Task Force

Designed to identify areas of vulnerability concerning student personal safety and security on campus (24/7) and develop response measures aimed at preventing threats to that safety and security, this task force is creating a long-term plan of action aimed at addressing needs in some combination of the following areas:

  • Enhanced lighting
  • Crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED) measures
  • Improved/expanded means of transportation
  • Administrative measures (e.g., testing and classroom times and locations, security policies, etc.) aimed at minimizing student assaults
  • Surveillance cameras
  • Access control measures
  • Security personnel (to include both full-time staff, private security, and volunteer staffing)
  • Modifications to UFPD patrols and deployment
  • Emergency messaging and communications
  • Safety escort services (walking and otherwise)
  • Other preventive measures as deemed necessary

Task Force Members

  • David Kratzer—Co-Chair
  • Curtis Reynolds—Co-Chair
  • Jodi Gentry
  • Amy Meyers Hass
  • Bernard Mair
  • Steve Pritz
  • Jen Day Shaw
  • Janine Sikes
  • Linda Stump-Kurnick
  • Cory Yeffet