Gatorsgiving with Gator Dining

At the recent Gatorsgiving theme meal event at Gator Corner Dining Center, students were provided an opportunity to donate either $5 or $10 from their meal plan accounts. This was an easy transaction at the register – and Gator Dining employees found that when it’s accessible and easy – it’s successful. “We had 199 students donate during a three-hour period,” said Tim Bucolo, Director of Dining for Gator Dining Services. “We are so proud of the UF students for thinking of others and being grateful.”

As well as the monetary donation from the students, Gator Dining donated over $5,000 in non-perishable food and snacks to the Field & Fork Pantry. “We are very grateful to Gator Dining for encouraging and matching donations from students, as well as their continuous support for the Pantry,” said Brittani Trimble, Pantry Operations Coordinator. Trimble also noted that the total food donation was 778.5 pounds.

Published: February 18th, 2021

Category: Community