Inaugural PRG Advisory Council Established

The PRG Advisory Council serves as the collaborative body that provides guidance for the review, recommendation and evaluation of proposals that are submitted to PRG. Our Advisory Council will work to ensure that resources will be used to support ideas that:

  • address concrete community needs together with key community stakeholders;
  • offer transparent and mutual benefit for all involved stakeholders; and
  • support impact and outcomes that can be sustained over time.

The inaugural PRG Advisory Council has been set by the Board of the Community Foundation of North Central Florida, and includes:

  • Carla Lewis
  • Maggie Labarta
  • Carole Zegel
  • Jacob Larson
  • Danielle Butler
  • Lindsay Kallman
  • Tom Tonkavich
  • Karissa Raskin (non-voting)
  • Andrew Telles (non-voting)

The Advisory Council has worked to outline key values that PRG will strive to uphold:

  • Supportive environment for capacity building
  • Valuing all voices
  • Co-designed solutions
  • Collaboration, not competition
  • Mutually beneficial relationshipsLongevity of impact

Published: April 1st, 2021

Category: Initiative Update