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About Community Partnership Schools (CPS)

Howard Bishop Middle School, A Community Partnership School

Howard Bishop Middle School, A Community Partnership School brings together high-quality academics, health care, counseling, support, mentoring and more—all where students and their families are comfortable: in their own school.

Our partnership at Howard Bishop Middle School represents a 25-year partnership among Alachua County Public Schools, Children’s Home Society of Florida (CHS), Florida Health Alachua County, Santa Fe College and the University of Florida to foster community collaboration and bring resources and opportunities to students and families around a middle school located in East Gainesville. By addressing the full range of barriers to learning — poverty, food insecurity, homelessness, health and wellness, and education quality – the CPS model strives to bring together high-quality academic support, health care, counseling, mentoring and more – right at the school, in order to embed resources within the community that it aims to serve.

UF is represented on the Howard Bishop CPS Leadership Cabinet by Linda Cottler (College of Public Health and Health Profession), Lori Dassa (College of Education) David Diehl (Family You and Community Sciences) and Andrew Telles (Office of Collaborative Initiatives).
In concert with the Office of the Senior Vice-President and Chief Operating Officer and the Office of Collaborative Initiatives, UF has spearheaded multiple needs assessments, innovative educational programs and engagement efforts to tailor our partnership support to the needs of the students and families at Howard Bishop Middle School.

Howard Bishop CPS Materials:

Initiative Milestones


Conduct Needs Assessment


Design New Enrichment Programs


Provide Health and Wellness Support


Provide Training and Practicum Opportunities


Design and Implement Volunteer Platform


Deliver Enhanced Mentor and Tutor Opportunities


Secure Long-term Funding for Programs and Services

Initiative Team & Partners

Recent Project Updates

UF Applies for Funding to Expand CPS Model in East Gainesville.

The University of Florida has submitted an application to seek funding for the Racial Equity 2030 global challenge in honor of the W.K. Kellogg Foundation’s 90th anniversary. It is a call for bold solutions to drive an equitable future for children, their families and communities. This $90 million challenge seeks ideas from anywhere in the […] READ MORE

Howard Bishop Creative Virtual Academy

The University of Florida Center for Arts, Migration, and Entrepreneurship (CAME) teamed up with the UF Center for Arts in Medicine and the Digital Worlds Institute to create a virtual arts-infusion program for Howard Bishop Middle School. The Virtual Creative Arts Academy offers activities that challenge students to create content using dance, spoken word, photography, video editing, animation, […] READ MORE