Community Empowerment Hub


About SPARC352

SPARC352 is a concept developed in collaboration between UF and community members to create a place-based initiative that will operate a community site as a Space for People, Arts, Research, and Creative Collaboration and Community (that is, SPARC352). The goal of SPARC352 is to establish a knowledge and empowerment hub that promotes arts, cultural engagement, entrepreneurial ingenuity, and community capacity building while also striving to enhance health, well-being, economic agency, and social connectedness in our community.

Below you can see the proposal submitted to the City of Gainesville in response to an Invitation to Negotiation (ITN) that proposes a partnership and adaptive reuse of a decommissioned fire station located in Downtown Gainesville to create a central community site for arts, culture, learning and community wellness for the neighborhoods and communities that  located on South Main Street near Downtown Gainesville.

SPARC352 seeks to bring together people, expertise and resources from the City of Gainesville, the University of Florida and UF Health together with the knowledge, assets and resources of neighbors, residents, artists, entrepreneurs and other community stakeholders to enhance health, well-being and social cohesion in our community.

SPARC352  Materials: