Engage Florida – Executive Directors and Assistant Executive Directors

Starting up the Engage Florida initiative would be impossible without the hard work and dedication of a core group of motivated, talented and hard-working UF students. These students make up our Executive Staff, and lead, coordinate and direct the development of this initiative. Meet each of these team members below.

Julia Canady and Mateo Haydar are not only the co-founders for Engage Florida, but are also our initial Co-Executive Directors.  Their hard work, drive and vision represent what being a Gator and a Gainesville resident should be for all students.  Their passion to enhance opportunities for students to engage with community and to collaborate with community partners will shift the future of how UF supports community needs and goals, as well as how UF students experience being a part of their community here in Gainesville.

Engage Florida is als0 fortunate to have equally motivated students in Grace Messemer and Hayden Foster to take the roles as our first Assistant Executive Director team.

Together this core team will help shape Engage and our first crop of Fellows into capable community builders and leaders to support our community!

Published: April 5th, 2021

Category: Initiative Update