FDOT Safety Measures Update

The following is a message from Florida Department of Education: 

Dear Students and Parents,

Please see the message below from the Florida Department of Transportation:

In a continuous effort to keep University students and parents informed of the pedestrian safety improvements the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) is making, the department would like to share the latest efforts that have been implemented along University Avenue (State Road 26) corridor in Gainesville as well as elements of Complete Streets improvements that are to come.

FDOT on Wednesday, February 10, met with its local safety partners from the University of Florida, City of Gainesville, Gainesville Police Department, University Police Department, Alachua Sheriff’s Office, and Florida Highway Patrol. During this meeting, various elements of Complete Streets enhancements for the University Avenue corridor were discussed, including some newly announced FDOT improvements. These include:

  • The adjustment of signal timing on University Avenue between NW 22nd Street and NW 15th Street. This will increase the frequency that motorists will have to stop along the roadway. This is an engineering solution that is an expedient way to encourage reduced travel speeds throughout the corridor. This was implemented on February 9.
  • The installation of temporary speed tables, which are long, flat-topped speed humps designed to slow vehicles gradually and serves as a speed management tool. These are scheduled to be installed at the stadium entrance between Gale Lemerand Drive and NW 19th Street, and between NW 19th Street and NW 14th Street.
  • Adjustment of the speed limit on University Avenue. Once the temporary speed tables are installed, FDOT will perform an engineering assessment of the combined effects of the signal retiming and temporary speed tables to document lowering the speed limit on University Avenue to 25 mph. This is expected to take place Summer 2021.
  • Installation of traffic signals, enhanced crosswalks, and intersection lighting at NW 19th Street and NW 16th Street. This is scheduled to begin this summer and be completed in the fall.

All of these efforts are expected to be completed within the calendar year.

In partnership with the University of Florida Police Department and Gainesville Police Department, FDOT is also providing students and members of the community educational resources on safe walking habits today. The three agencies will be walking the corridor, speaking with pedestrians, and providing educational flyers and materials to engage with them about pedestrian safety.

FDOT continues to invest in high visibility enforcement, community education activities with increased signage, paid advertising for safety messages and engagement with community partners to encourage safe, responsible habits on the roadway.

If you would like to receive real-time information regarding the continued safety efforts in the Gainesville area please send your email address to D2.Communications@dot.state.fl.us and subscribe for updates. Additionally, to stay connected, follow FDOT District 2 at @MyFDOT_NEFL on Twitter or at MyFDOTNEFL on Facebook.

Thank you,

Greg Evans,

FDOT District 2 Secretary

Published: February 19th, 2021

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